About Me

Hi, I'm Cristina Tortarolo. Welcome to my folioblog!
I graduated from Rice University with a BA in Cognitive Sciences and am now happily employed at the Stress and Health Research Center in San Francisco's VA Medical Center.

So far, my plan is to work a few years in research and then enter graduate school in Cognitive Psychology or Neuroscience. I'm confident this break will give me some time to think about what I really want to buckle down and study, because unfortunately (or fortunately?) my passions are scattered across a broad spectrum of disciplines. I love memory, cognition, neuropharmacology, graphic and web design. The only problem is deciding how I'm going to smash these passions together into a sustainable lifestyle. Might as well make some money, contribute to society, and garner life experience while I'm pondering, right?

I have decided to publish my design work online because (1) it was a great way to feel productive while avoiding homework senior year and (2) No matter how far I fall into the great abyss of graduate research, I still want to continue doing freelance design work. Hopefully the mere presence of this site will help remind me to keep adding on!

On a more casual note, some of my other interests include fruit (especially citrus), cumulus clouds, Houston in the summertime, serial killers, rock climbing, hot sauces, dark/twisted movies, and super hoppy beer.

Man, this conversation has gotten pretty one-sided.
If you ever want to chat --about brains, design, electronic music or the postmodern model of social cynicism-- hit up a link from my sidebar. I basically live on the internet.